scientific career planning

Students often get lost in what to pursue further and many fail to choose the right path. Getting help from professional counselors is of utmost importance to eliminate the indecisiveness and to put a foothold on the right domain.

Making smart and wise decisions for your future career or change of profession is bound to be challenging. And that is why our Career Counselors at Overseas Point are here to guide you in the best possible direction based on your interests, skills, potential and aptitude through various scientific assessment tests and tools. Our Counselors have good rapport and trust with our clients.

At Overseas Point, the Scientific Career Planning program will provide a better understanding of the inborn talents, dominant intelligence, preferred learning styles, acquired methods, etc. of the client with the help of scientific assessment tests and tools. We will help you pick the best stream or course and career options, based on your abilities with unbiased suggestions and guidance.

We provide the best in nation career guidance service with scientific and psychological assessment tools to bring out the best version of our users in shaping their impressive careers.

Multiple Intelligence Test

Multiple Intelligence Test is based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence proposed by world famous psychologist & authority in cognitive education Dr. Howard Gardner, PhD, Harvard University.

MIT is built to discover and mine the inborn talents of a child to properly plan their future career. Identify their dominant intelligence and enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses early for a stable lifestyle and successful career.

With MIT test, you will understand your child’s:

  • Right and Left Brain Dominance
  • Dominant Learning Styles
  • Acquiring Methods
  • Personality Details
  • Career Recommendations
  • Extra-Curricular Recommendations,etc.
Help your child grow and be the best version of him or herself with the help of MIT at Overseas Point!

calibre intelligence quotient test-advance

Specifically designed for Indian Students, developed by Dr. Jonathan Oliver, PhD Psychology, USA , Dr. Jeffery Smith, PhD Psychology, UK and Brain Checker India, CIQT-A assess ,evaluate and comprehend the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of Indian students and help them make informed career choices.

CIQT-A (advanced) measures the cognitive aptitude of the test taker based on the latest psychometric tests and techniques with precision.

Based on the current intelligence and capability of the child, CIQT-A can help direct the correct pathway towards his or her potential career by cross comparing 200+ career options.

Over 98% test takers agreed that the test helped them make an informed career choice.

After CIQT test, you will decipher:

  • The child’s current caliber
  • Intelligence Quotient of the Child
  • Right and Left Brain Dominance
  • Logical and Linguistic Ability
  • Score card for 10+ Evaluation Parameters
  • Personality code based on Carl Jung Personality codes
  • Accurate Career Guidance and Recommendations

Brain Checker Engineering Sorter Test

Over millions of students apply for different engineering exams every year, hoping to get enrolled at the prestigious IITs, NITs or other engineering colleges around the country.

Despite the fierce competition, 90% of Indian engineers as of 2019 lacked key skills decreasing their employability rate. This is when B.E.S.T (Brain Checker Engineering Sorter Test) comes to rescue.

Choosing the right specialization or course based on your interests and aptitude can help you walk on the right career path.

We, at Overseas Point provide authentic and relevant scientific ways to discover and explore your possible engineering career options based on the unique and psychological test, B.E.S.T (Brain Checker Engineering Sorter Test).

You can cross compare 100+ unique engineering options and filter your suitable choices keeping in mind the employability factor in the current and future job market.

Communicate with our experts in shaping your exquisite engineering career.