Skills World

Human skill development in any nation is key for economic growth.

SKILLS WORLD is a professional association administered by Overseas Point, Imphal.

Why we do what we do?

India has a working population of more than 400 million as of January 2021. In order to get proper dividend from such a huge workforce, employability skills is in dire need. The young age group constitute of 60% of the nation’s population, however, 90% lack the skills for employment. With such a huge population, competition is bound to be fierce.
Manipur is in no exception to the competition as the number of unemployed youths is at an alarming rate of 44.4%. The young generations of Manipur often have the qualification but lack the market experience or the relevant employability skills which can further help them in marketing themselves to get employed at big and renowned organisations or companies.
To be a top player in the ever-evolving global business market, business corporations or organizations need to adapt quickly to the current pace of development and up skill or reskill their employees.

Perks and benefits of our service:

  • Mend skill gaps for greater organizational effectiveness
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Higher retention rates
  • Better growth and productivity for the company
  • Better recruitment rate for job seekers
  • Staying ahead of the game in the competitive global market

Industry and Academic leaders

SKILLS WORLD is an experienced team of HR Specialists, Corporate Trainers, Industry and Academic leaders put together with an aim to raise the employment potential and enhance professional work culture in the state by endowing the relevant and much needed employability and corporate skills training required by our youths and the working force today.

We offer to you immersive, inclusive, flexible and interactive learning of a plethora of world-class and in-demand training of corporate and employability skills. We have more than 135 training modules meticulously designed separately for college/university students, job seekers, company employees, business managers, business owners and budding entrepreneurs. Experience and reap maximum benefits for your business and personal development.