Overseas Education and admission

Students today have increasingly voiced their desire for pursuing their higher studies in popular international study destinations such as The USA, The UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and many more. But due to fear of unfamiliar uncertainties, most students just dismiss their dream of studying or working abroad.

Anyone can achieve their dream of being an international student. Our Overseas Advisors and counselors will guide and provide you expert advice to make informed decisions by choosing the country, university and program suiting their preferences and career aspiration. We offer end-to-end assistance for Overseas Education from passport making, availing study permit or VISAs, University applications, accommodation, scholarship applications, etc. for study abroad aspirants. We also provide coaching for the essential English Proficiency Test- IELTS. We will elucidate an overview of the education system, lifestyle and culture of your desired study destination.

We provide free profile evaluation and counseling.

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In a report by United Nations (UN), it was revealed that one in every 30 people is an international migrant. The mundane lifestyle, the lack of business opportunities or the inability to explore maximum educational benefits are the common grounds on why people visit other countries like the US, Canada or the UK, etc.

Travelling abroad and learning indispensible life skills, gaining new knowledge and ideas, enhancing cultural sensitivity, establishing social networks, etc. can be of immense help in building yourself and your career and for the development of the existing community too.

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The documents required for immigration depend on the country and immigration program. Our veteran immigration experts at Overseas Point can help you in all your documentation process and make your travel towards your dream destination smooth and free of errors. Learn about the requirements and resolve your queries from us.

VISA services
Temporary or permanent VISA

You may or may not require VISA while you travel to specific countries based on your national Passport. However, many countries require foreign visitors to have a valid passport and a visa before they can enter the country.

If you are new or still not acquainted with all the procedures you need to follow to obtain your required VISA, reach out to us. Overseas Point is here to provide you smooth and hassle free services for your immigration procedures.

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